Carbon Free Transport

To be completed by: March 31, 2020

Category: Energy

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Let’s all take steps this March and beyond

We can all achieve carbon neutral days, weeks or the whole month simply by walking, riding a bike and taking other steps such as public transport.

Jumping on that bicycle is good for our health and leg power equals zero emissions.

Ride an electric bike, scooter or even look for electric car share or poolcar options.

The cities of Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Canberra are already carbon neutral.

Public transport can make a massive dent in our emissions.

Each bus service takes 40 cars off the road.

Cars are responsible for about half of Australia’s transport emissions. Australian cars emit about the same as the state of Queensland’s entire electricity supply. 

Take active steps this month to achieve carbon neutral transport.

Healthy transport equals a healthy planet.

Join carpooling such as Car-Sharing - Electric Cars | evee

Get your local share car providers to go electric

Buy an electric bicycle or scooter

Bike Scooter City

Vyron electric bikes

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