Plant Trees this March

To be completed by: March 31, 2020

Category: Energy

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It’s simple. Planting trees sucks carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and stores carbon.

We can measure how many trees need to be planted to offset our greenhouse gas emissions to become carbon neutral as an individual, business or organisation.

Planting trees is not the only answer though it can play a massive contribution to reducing our carbon footprints.

A recent scientific study, published in Science, shows that there is room to plant 1.2 trillion trees without taking over crop farming lands. Such a planting program would remove two-thirds of all the emissions from human activities that remain in the atmosphere today.

Plant seedlings near you by contacting your council, join community tree planting or get behind a group like Tree Project

Purchase carbon offsets and plant-a-tree programs with companies such as Carbon Neutral

Get behind global initiatives such as eight billion trees.