March 2 Zero has launched its first ever crowd funding campaign with Pozible

We are delighted that Pozible is supporting March to Zero as we seek seed funding of $10,000 to build a digital platform and campaign to go global. Our campaign will provide thousands of people with an opportunity to pledge and take action for a carbon neutral world.

The funds will also help us set up of our March 2 Zero Foundation and Charitable Trust Fund. It is a vital step in building our not for profit business model.

We hope that from this little seed, big things will grow as March to Zero plays a role in reducing carbon emissions globally.

Our proposition is simple: take at least one action to be carbon neutral in March 2020. We are building on a global movement of climate action, creating challenges and solutions for a zero carbon emissions world.

We're passionate about providing individuals, organisations and business with challenges and tools to be carbon neutral.

Let’s imagine a world with zero emissions from fossil fuels and then all take at least one step to get there.

Support our Pozible campaign. There are options for all budgets including rewards for our valued supporters.